Slow Food Orange County

Slow Food OC

Slow Food OC believes in making sure the people of Orange County have a resource they can use to live a healthier life. Whether you are in Santa Ana, Fullerton, Mission Viejo, or Irvine, it’s important that you come to realize all of the amazing benefits of eating food that is good for you and made in a conscientious way.

Sustainably Grown Food

It’s so important to treat our earth right. It’s amazing that so far, the earth is the only known place in the entire universe that can support human life. How important then should we take care of it, especially through cultivating and making food that doesn’t harm our beloved planet.

Labor and Food

We believe in the fair labor of OC employees. When you treat people right, most of the time they will in turn, want to do the best work for you and your customers possible. It’s a great feeling also when you know you are supporting local Orange County workers provide for their families.

Food That Tastes Good but Is Also Healthy for You

What fun is life if you spend your entire time here in this world eating food that you don’t enjoy! We strive to show people how to make food that is beneficial for your body, but also that your taste buds love! You can thank us later!

Join Us!

Slow Food Orange County was a local chapter of Slow Food USA that worked to carry out the Slow Food mission on a local level. We wanted our food to be delicious and nutritious, produced sustainably and with care — a food system that is good, clean, and fair for all. If you enjoyed group activities, such as cooking classes, potlucks, garden installations, wine tastings, farm visits, etc.; volunteering; and advocating for good, clean, and fair food, then you’d have enjoyed Slow Food!

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*Note: none of the information in this blog is medical advice. Please consult a physician before changing any eating habits mentioned online.