What Slow Food is All About

January 20th, 2014 by Stacey Blaschke

A beautiful video on what Slow Food encompasses told by a French cheesemaker and filmed by Tiger in a Jar. Tiger in a Jar  is a film production company run by husband and wife team Matt and Julie Walker, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their work is inspired by everyday life and the joy found in simple but meaningful activities.

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Chair’s January Message

January 15th, 2014 by Nina Macdonald

Happy New Year to All,

The advent of a new year brings the opportunity to get involved with the Slow Food Orange County Steering Committee. In March we will have openings on our steering committee.  We would like to make a change in the way our steering committee works so people begin in a co-chair position for one year, then become chair, mentoring a new co-chair the following year.  We have not had co-chairs in the past so we do have open positions for both chair and co-chair in some situations. Following is a description of each position on the Steering Committee. In addition to the responsibilities of the position itself, there is a monthly committee meeting that includes a potluck dinner.  This meeting alternates between Wednesday and Sunday evenings to accommodate varying schedules. Committee members are asked to attend at least five meetings each year. (As a side note, all steering committee meetings are open to Slow Food members as well as those interested in becoming members.) If you think you might be interested in getting involved please join us for a meeting to meet our team and see how we work together.

At this time we are looking are looking for co-chairs in all positions as well as an Event Chair and Special Event Chair.

Chair and Co-Chair – organize meeting, set policy and direction of group, interface with Slow Food USA and Slow Food California keeping the chapter members informed and involved with Slow Food as a national & state-wide organization. Complete annual chapter report.

Treasurer – Keep the books, handle payment of money distributed in micro grant program, file tax documents, handle insurance payments and obtain permits as needed for events.

Secretary – Gather items for the agenda for the monthly meetings of the Steering Committee meeting, keep the minutes of that meeting, and distribute the minutes for proof reading, eventually filing them in the Slow Food DropBox.

Communications Chair – Ensures membership is informed about Slow Food related events. This involves coordinating content and mailing out a monthly newsletter, emailing announcements, promoting the chapter on social media and maintaining the SFOC website.

Membership Chair – Maintain chapter membership list, have membership materials available at events, communicate with membership chair at the national office.  Develop a committee of volunteers who will meet and greet newcomers and facilitate their involvement in the chapter.

Outreach Chair – Track issues of political and social significance to Slow Food members and serve as primary liaison to non-profit partners. Develop ambassadors who can inform the general public about the Slow Food movement and act as the liaison for farmers & chefs who subscribe to the Slow Food philosophy.  Coordinate school garden involvement and OC Food Swap.

Events Chair – Create events for both members and the public that speak specifically to Slow Food’s ideal of good, clean and fair food for all.  Events may also involve fund raising for the Slow Food OC micro grant program and membership activities.  The events chair creates a community presence in the Slow Food Orange County. Chapter members may initiate events that the events chair will assist in executing.

Special Events Chair – plan and implement a large, annual fundraising event.

Linda Elbert
Chair, Slow Food Orange County

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Tamale Making Class Recap

January 15th, 2014 by Nina Macdonald

A December Tamale Class held in honor of Terra Madre Day, the anniversary of Slow Food was terrific! Terra Madre Day is a celebration of eating locally and celebrating diversity of food traditions. We received many generous donations that unexpectedly allowed this class to serve as a fundraiser for our micro grant program. Laguna Culinary Arts donated a day in their kitchen, the Stadium Brewery restaurant donated ingredients and Chef Octavio Montoya donated his time in teaching. This was an all-day class. Octavio generously made us a lunch teaching us also how to make gorditas and churros. We made the BEST TAMALES EVER, and everyone took home a dozen to share with friends and family! Thanks to all for their generosity!

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