Chair’s December Message

December 3rd, 2013 by Nina Macdonald

Dear Slow Food OC,

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and community.  Very soon we have the opportunity to celebrate the founding of Slow Food with Terra Madre Day (December 10).  Think of this as another opportunity to gather with friends and family and share a “slow food” experience.  Look at the wonderful foods on the Ark of Taste: . This is a beautiful new webpage with an great explanation of the Ark of Taste and a current list of the products on the Ark.  Choose one of the items for a Terra Madre Day meal.  If you do this please let us know about it – send a note and photo that we can post on our blog to share with the Slow Food Community! Send it to .

On another note, I am going to take some time to talk about the Bommer Canyon Barbecue.  We have had many inquiries about the Barbecue such as “when will we have this event again?” and “why didn’t we have a barbecue this past year?”  The Barbecue served two purposes. First, it was the major fundraiser for Slow Food Orange County.  The funds we raised supported school and community garden programs, promoted local food artisans and “slow” events in our local food community.  The barbecue was also an opportunity to share a meal showcasing the local seasonal foods of our community with family and friends.

Although these are both important goals, the chapter Steering Committee has reluctantly come to the conclusion that our convivium is not ready to put on a Barbeque in 2014; however, we still hope that it will be possible to plan another similar event in 2015.  Slow Food Orange County is an all-volunteer group. Over the past couple of years several members of our steering committee who planned and organized the barbecue have moved out of the area or have had commitments that did not allow them to take an active role in planning an event of this scale. 

This past year we have focused on recruiting new members to our leadership team.  We are continuing to look for volunteers willing to plan and organize projects, and particularly those with experience and interest in fund raising and/or organizing large events.  In the meantime we have taken the approach of raising funds for our projects and to support micro grants through smaller, more frequent events such as small dinners, classes, tours, and other events.  This has proven an effective approach with a smaller volunteer group.  We  also have been developing partnerships with like-minded organizations with whom we can plan larger events. We will continue to hold these smaller events but look forward to working with new members on a future large barbecue type event.   Please let us know if you are would like to get involved in working on a future fund-raising dinner event. We love sharing Slow Food with the larger community.

Happy Holidays,

Linda-ElbertLinda Elbert, Chair
Slow Food OC

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