Northern CA Ranch with GMO free 100% Grassfeed Bison needs support

18th December, 2013 - Posted by Linda Elbert - No Comments

This is a small 2-person ranch in Northern California. They raise 100% grassfed, GMO-free bison in an area where they once were native. Lindner Bison began selling in farmers markets 10 years ago at the Santa Monica and Hollywood Farmer’s Markets at a time when almost incredulously, people believed all bison were fed grass. In fact, 80% of all bison today are still placed into feedlots.

This April, there was a massive failure on their 34-year old irrigation well and after $25,000 in repairs, there is still no water. The ranch, which serves as a humane model and CAFO alternative is dying. Without outside help in raising the critical $150k to repair or replace it, they will have no choice but to sell the animals, the ranch and close their meat business. They must feed about a ton of hay daily and at $200/ton, expenses are triple what they normally are. Even with funding, these expenses will continue while they re-establish biodiverse pasture grasses and hay ground.

The 4 min. campaign is here:

Posted on: December 18, 2013

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