November 2013 Edible Gift Cooking Class Recap

December 3rd, 2013 by Nina Macdonald

On Saturday November 10th we gathered on a sunny afternoon for a hands-on class  to learn how to make some edible gifts. These are gifts you can give as a hostess gift or as gifts for the holiday, instead of buying a gift.

Thirteen students gathered in Linda Elbert’s large downstairs kitchen to learn and make Salts and Spice Blends including Lemon, Fennel and Chili Salt, Rosemary Salt and Japanese-inspired Matcha Salt made from the premium green tea Matcha. We also learned how to whip together Lebneh, a Mediterranean cheese made from yogurt which we shaped into small balls and rolled in dried oregano and dried thyme. As the final step to creating a gift the Lebneh was placed in a  jar with olive oil, bay leaves and red chili flakes, making for a pretty presentation and excellent storage. We also made Flatbread Crackers from scratch that would be great paired with the Lebneh.EdibleGiftCookingClassGifts

Linda demonstrated how to make Pear Port and Thyme Conserve, a recipe requiring the water bath method of canning. For those wondering a conserve is different from a jelly or jam in that pectin is not added, and the conserve contains dried fruits and nuts which gives it a chunky texture. The crackers would also go well with this dish. Even though we did not each make the conserve,  everyone got to take home a mason jar of the conserve previously prepared.

The final recipe we covered was Spicy Caramel Popcorn — a great stocking stuffer or holiday treat.

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