The Ark of Taste Thanksgiving Collection

October 13th, 2014 by Linda Elbert

Let’s talk turkey, can we? Thanksgiving is coming and I, for one, want to see heritage breeds and heirloom foods at the center of as many gatherings as possible.

This year, ditch the bland meat of grocery store turkey and the stale seasoning of pre-packaged stuffing in favor of the robust, surprising and eclectic flavors of:

The Ark of Taste Thanksgiving Collection

TurkeyDay2014 - ArkofTaste

SFUSA  co-created this exclusive collection with their friends at Heritage Foods USA for a truly memorable Thanksgiving feast featuring eight rare and endangered foods. From Manoomin rice that has been hand-harvested for centuries on the Great Lakes to Sourwood Honey pollinated deep in the woods of the Great Smokey Mountains, each of these foods carries the histories of places and peoples who have made this land home. Sourced from “good, clean, and fair” producers, these foods are also building a more sustainable, delicious, and diverse world for all of us.

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Taco María to Host Indie Chefs Week SoCal

September 26th, 2014 by Ted Wright

Taco María will co-host Indie Chefs Week this October 16th, 17th, and 18th. In this first West Coast edition of Indie Chefs Week, Taco María has the pleasure of welcoming some of OC’s rising star chefs, including Jason Quinn and Zach Scherer from The Playground, Eric Samaniego from Little Sparrow, Aron Habiger from The North Left, and Nate Overstreet and Ashly Amador from Wheat and Sons, along with 20+ other chefs from across California and the US, to showcase their talents in a collection of multi-chef, multi-course dinners over three evenings.

A kind of pop-up dinner series and chefs’ meet-and-greet, Indie Chefs Week was started in Austin, Texas, by Chef Ned Elliott at his restaurant Foreign & Domestic. Ned’s vision was to bring together aspiring and inspiring rising star chefs for a conversation that wasn’t just online, but on the line and in the kitchen—where talented professionals could meet and learn from each other, form connections, and let guests savor the result.

It is exciting to see so much culinary talent coming to Costa Mesa and including so many from Orange County.

More information and tickets are available here.

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September’s Chair Letter

September 24th, 2014 by Linda Elbert

Dear Slow Food Orange County,

Summer is a quiet time for our chapter with many members away on travels.  With the coming of fall we are excited about cooler weather, fall gardening and Slow Food projects.  The Slow Food OC steering committee has been involved in an extended discussion regarding how we can best serve our community, our chapter members as well as pique the interest of “members to be,” with respect to the Slow Food mission of promoting “good, clean and fair food for all.”  As we look around the county, we see many other groups with a similar mission of building a “Good Food” community.  One role our steering committee envisions for our Slow Food OC chapter is facilitating collaborative relationships with the other like-minded organizations throughout the county — let’s work together! To this end the steering committee has invited about 20 chefs, farmers, teachers, food justice advocates and others concerned about sustainable access to good food to join together in a conversation. This will take place in mid-October.  We are excited to find out what actions others are taking, how we can support them, collaborate, partner and build community together. We are looking forward to meeting with this group of leaders and hope to have some exciting ideas and projects to share with all of you as a result of this conversation.

Also coming up is Terra Madre Day on December 10.  This is the anniversary of Slow Food.  This year our chapter will be participating in a California-wide Terra Madre day celebration of foods in our state. In Orange County, we will be celebrating “Slow Citrus.”  We are looking to plan a variety of activities to celebrate the range of citrus grown in our county. We have two ideas: a backyard citrus gleaning and a marmalade cooking class.  Please let us know if you have other ideas the chapter might enjoy!

Linda Elbert

Slow Food OC, Chair

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