Slow Food LA: Good Food Festival Film Series

June 3rd, 2011 by Heather Westenhofer

Check out this event from Slow Food LA:

We’re pleased to announce the first of several film events that will comprise the Good Food Festival Film Series, evenings of film and conversation about issues related to our food: How it’s grown, who grows it, and how we can make our food system better and fairer. This monthly series is presented by the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market,, and Slow Food Los Angeles, and is part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market.

The selected films will address issues in our country’s food system in engrossing and timely ways, and enlightening panel discussions will follow the screenings to give a local perspective on the larger issues presented by the films. If local food is an important part of your life, or if you simply want to learn more about the movement toward more sustainable agriculture, be sure not to miss any of these exciting screenings.

The first event will focus on “farming’s next generation” and will feature two films, Big River and The Greenhorns. The discussion will be moderated by Lisa Lucas Talbot, coleader of Slow Food Los Angeles and Slow Food USA regional governor for Southern California, and will include Romeo Coleman of Coleman Family Farm and Tara Kolla of Silverlake Farms:
When:  Wednesday, June 8, 2011 beginning at 7:30pm
Where: The Aero Theatre, 1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica
Cost: Tickets range from $7.00 to $11.00 and are available online at
or at the Aero Theatre box office.

About the films:
In Big River, documentarians and former farmers Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney return to their native Iowa to learn about the environmental impact their previous agricultural practices had on other communities downstream. A sobering and informative documentary, Big River offers a clear-eyed look at how traditional farming may be contributing to unseen but significant effects on communities. (27 minutes; 2010)

In The Greenhorns, director Severine von Tscharner Fleming travels the United States meeting with young farmers who have followed a variety of paths. Some have grown up on farms and stayed, others have looked for outside opportunities and ultimately returned to their families’ farms and still others have chosen the profession without previous connection. Through a series of interviews, the documentary’s subjects talk about the challenges they’ve faced, from daily financing and basic farm business matters to the devastating reality of rebuilding after a natural disaster. Never sugarcoated, The Greenhornsnonetheless offers an optimistic and exciting view of our country’s next generation of farmers. (50 minutes; 2011)

Films in the series are being selected by the Good Food Festival Film Committee (Lisa Lucas Talbot, Laura Avery, Marguerite Kenner, Susan Haymer, and Corinne Bourdeau) with the generous assistance of the staff of the American Cinematheque.

Information about the July, August, and September events will be available soon; in the meantime, we hope to see many Slow Food Los Angeles members and friends at the Aero Theatre on June 8th! 
Trailers for both films are available at the Slow Food Los Angeles website at:

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