Terra Madre Day

November 14th, 2013 by Nina Macdonald

Terra Madre Day, Slow Food’s annual worldwide celebration of local food held on December 10, will take place in communities across the globe. We invite everybody, whether you are a member or not, to join this international day of celebration.

For one day, whoever and wherever you are, Slow Food invites you to put local food in the spotlight through a myriad of different activities: From community picnics and food festivals, to film evenings, rallies and farmers’ markets, or even a simple dinner with friends. This year Slow Food Orange County will honor one of our local food traditions, with our tamale-making class.

The theme of Terra Madre Day 2013 is saving endangered foods. All around the world traditional foods are disappearing, including fruit and vegetable varieties, animal breeds, and cheeses, as a result of an increasingly industrialized food system and fast modern life. Slow Food is working to list and protect these at-risk products on the Ark of Taste online catalog. This Terra Madre Day we want to use December 10 to raise awareness of these products, along with the knowledge, techniques, cultures and landscapes behind their production, and let everyone know that they are at risk of disappearing. Take a look at the newly updated online Ark of Taste catalogue, http://www.slowfoodusa.org/ark-of-taste. The products can be viewed alphabetically, by region and type. A story explains the cultural significance and unique characteristics of each product. Honor these products by choosing one for a meal on December 10.

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