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Chairs August Message

Happy August, Food Members and Supporters,

Since I volunteered in March to be the chair of the Orange County Chapter of Food, I have met so many interesting, like-minded people. Most of them are younger than I by a couple of decades. That is one of the things I love. There is so much energy in the 20-30 somethings to really make a difference in the way our food system works. There is real change happening in the households of these folks. They set a marvelous example for their peers and anyone else around them. This is one good reason to become involved in the Food Movement! Real solutions to some of our food system problems are being shared each day by our members.

Last Monday, I had the pleasure of meeting the Governor of the CA region, Dominic Flume. He, too, is a volunteer who puts in countless hours per month helping chapter leaders, like me, run effective chapters for our members. He has been a volunteer for Food for over 10 years and has held several positions. His passion for the movement and what we stand for is evident when you meet him. He manages this level of involvement while running his business in Real Estate. Volunteering for something you are passionate about is so important in our society.

That leads me to an important subjectmembership in SFOC. Although nearly a month away as I write this, September is the month we hold our annual Membership Drive. In order for this movement to continue to work, we need those of you who believe in what we stand for to actually join the organization with the designation that your chapter affiliation is Orange County. We are a completely volunteer organization, with a minor exception at our headquarters in NYC. The membership fee of $60 for an individual and $100 for a family is technically a donation to a non-profit group. We do not keep that money here in Orange County to pay anyone because we all volunteers. The funds received from membership help to keep the doors open at headquarters, where we get much of our support.

We will try to reach out to many of those on our supporter/non-member list over the coming weeks. Many of you were members at one time but have let it expire. Remember that even a volunteer organization needs funds to survive. Regard your membership fee as a donation to help promote more school and community gardens just one of our important areas.

This organization has much work to be done. We need a strong team of volunteers to help us do it. The stronger our team, the more we can do as a chapter the more farm tours we can arrange, the more cooking classes we can hold, the more gardening classes we can provide, not to mention chef dinners and wonderful potlucks!

Join and become involved with Food. There is a link in this newsletter that will take you to the membership page. Join Today!

Yours in all things Food,
Chair, FOC