Slow Food Committees

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Organizes the meetings and set policy and direction.


Keeps the books


Takes the minutes of the meetings.

Events Committee:

The Events committee role within Slow Food Orange County is to create events for both members and the broad-public that speak specifically to Slow Food's ideal of "taste education." We also strive to raise funds for Slow Food charities and membership activities. Lastly, events create a community presence for Slow Food Orange County.

Slow Food Members

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Outreach Committee:

The Outreach Committee tracks issues of political and social significance to Slow Food members and acts as the primary liaison to non-profit partners. The committee also serves to inform the general public about the Slow Food movement and the the activities of the Orange County chapter and is the liaison for farmers and chefs who subscribe to the Slow Food philosophy.

Communications Committee:

The Communications Committee ensures that the broad membership remains engaged and informed about Slow Food related events and news through regular e-mail announcements and monthly newsletters. The committee also maintains the SFOC website.

Barbeque Committee Chair:

The Barbeque Committee plans and implements our largest, annual fundraising barbeque event.