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One Seed UCI student could use your help

An amazing and very entrepreneurial student at UCI, Stella Liu, is trying to get support for a business opportunity called OneSeed that could help lots of people start growing their own food. Here is her description of this.

Nowadays, ingredient lists have become more cryptic than ever. Take a look at any food label and you won’t recognize any of the terms. Dextrin? Niacin? Riboflavin? We have all became disconnected with our food. What if we could change this? At Start Up Weekend Orange County 2014, a team of strangers came together for the first time and after 54 hours, they won the competition by coming up with the idea for One Seed! One Seed stems from a vision of a world where everyone with a window sill, balcony, or backyard can reconnect with their food through gardening. We accomplish this by providing a subscription based all-in-one gardening kit that is delivered to your doorstep with three already sprouted plants. For every growth cycle, we will send you a box with soil and seeds that are all ready to grow. On our website, our gardeners can view recipes to cook their food and gardening informational videos.

We are now advancing to the global level and we need your votes! You can vote once every single day! Voting takes just seconds.

The polls opened on Thanksgiving and will keep going until Dec 3rd.

P.S. We will try to get the recipes from the Persimmon Festival uploaded soon. Yum! Pomegranate salad!


Stella Liu