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February’s Presidents Message

Dear Food Orange County,

The last communication you received from the Food Orange County chapter was a great letter titled “Whither Our Chapter?” March is the month when the new Steering Committee is elected and the calendar for the coming year begins to take shape. Members of our small volunteer leadership team needed to step back, and we needed new members to step forward and assume leadership roles on the Steering Committee. We were all pleased that this did happen.

A group of about ten people responded to the letter and expressed their appreciation for the role Food plays in Orange County and their willingness to lead the chapter. Since the beginning of 2015 we have been meeting with and corresponding with the members willing to serve on the Steering Committee. During this period we reviewed tasks and time commitment needed for chapter leadership, explored new ideas and helped new volunteers figure out where they would best to fit into the team.

I am very excited about the new team and renewed energy! At the March Steering committee meeting, we will vote in the new leadership team. Remember Steering Committee meetings are open to all members and those interested in membership. This new team will need your support in developing various committees such as events, school gardens, outreach, membership, etc. The Steering Committee is the meeting to attend to share your ideas for the chapter and to get involved in keeping Food an important voice in Orange County.

I have very much enjoyed serving as chair of Food Orange County these past two years. My husband and I are planning to move out of California this spring and I will miss my Food Orange County friends and chapter activities. I know I will also miss being part of the chapter as the new leadership team shapes the future direction of Food Orange County!

Thank you for allow me to serve as chair!

Best Regards,
Food Orange County, Chair