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Chairs June Message

I am so pleased to report that the Food Orange County chapter is alive and more than well. We have so much new blood and enthusiasm. Now is the time to get involved in all that we do and wear your snail proudly. I know you can read about the upcoming activities here in our newsletter but some things that are still in the planning stages are not yet posted. And they are crying for your involvement!

After the extremely fun and successful Pasta Making class in May it was decided we will be doing many more of these over the coming year and beyond. The venue worked out great for a group of 15 but if the popularity grows we might need to use a commercial kitchen. That would be a nice problem to have! Anyone have ideas of the types of classes youd like to see us hold? Please feel free to reach out to our wonderful Event Chair, Anna. We have so many great chefs who are members in our group and who are wonderful about giving their time and talents to teach. Look for many of these to be added to the calendar.

We are looking to spread the word about who we are at many of the local Farmers Markets. Wed love to have you give some of your time to working a table at the one in your neighborhood. We have great materials to hand out and you, our members, are the best ones to tell the story.

Our annual Membership Drive is coming at the end of summer. We have tentatively decided to revive our annual Barbecue to invite members and prospective members to renew or sign-up to join Food USA. Has your membership expired? Time to renew! More details on this will be coming to the newsletter shortly.

We are proud to share and recognize our own Jeremy Samson, who was just given the Edible Schoolyard Academy scholarship. Jeremy is on the SFOC board as the head of our School Garden projects. He will be attending the academy this month for 4 days and will bring back all the new information to help support the growth of this important outreach. Our Event Chair, Anna recently accepted the position of Event Coordinator for The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano. You can be sure there will be many collaborative events with this amazing organization that so aligns with our core values.

Wed love to see many members attend our Steering Committee meetings. We would welcome your voice. We have incredible potlucks. Our next meeting is on 6/24 in Huntington Beach. If you want more info please reach out to me

Pam, FOC